BFO302 – April Phool Surprise

The Fat One has done it again… Oh Lord!  Happy Wednesday.


9 thoughts on “BFO302 – April Phool Surprise

  1. Now I am confused, Vera… you actually liked this one? Shall I listen this time for reals?

    Probably Vera just plays an April prank pretending it was good and luring us into actually listen to this –

    I don’t know…

  2. Oh, Big Fatty! You tickle us in all the right places.

    You’ve earned your International Internet Celebrity (Online!) status with this one.

  3. Oh, Lord! I thought for a few seconds that my iPod was ruined. But then I remembered that whenever the Fat One is on my iPod it is always ruined. And by “ruined” I mean fat. And by “fat” I mean fabulous. Meeeeh!

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