8 thoughts on “BFO325 – Gazing with the Beaver… Daniel Beaver

  1. Don’t you know, I can NEVER get enough from you – you are like chocolate ice cream (which is the lesbian bacon)

  2. Tell me dear, among you and me, you did use some kind of hoist – or can you really fly?!

    Is this cryptic enough my sweet and most wonderful lov… oops, sorry, that must be the withdrawal…
    my dear gussie, I meant, of course 🙂

  3. Thanks for dropping by it was a real hootenanny to host you at the DI studio. You are welcome any time … provided that you bring more poppers since I can’t find anywhere to buy them here in the Armpit of South Carolina.

  4. Tell me, do they offer bacon for meals in prison? And how can it be that the sound quality was so good with a safety pane between the two of you?

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