3 thoughts on “BFO33 – Lint, Pork Chops & Stuck on a Toilet

  1. The only thing I can comment on is the Memory Lane Music….I remember hearing vaguely about that show but I’ve never seen it before. So..I didn’t know the music. The more you do this, the less I am knowing. Oh well.

  2. The only reason I’d ever heard that theme is that I bought a TV theme song LP (as in vinyl) many years ago, and that theme was on it. I also think I saw a clip of it on some nostalgia show once.

    I’m not behind, anymore Big Fatty! And a good thing, too, because I’m not keen on the idea of having my behind become fused to the the toilet seat….

  3. I too luvs me some pork chops.
    I grew up in NC and my family always bread and pan fried them.
    Nothing like chewing on some pork chop bones for the yummy goodness.
    Now that I’m a Yankee, eating anything with your hands other than chicken wings is frowned upon.

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