6 thoughts on “BFO34 – Voiceletterpalooza

  1. Eric…bitter, party of one. Don’t worry, I won’t be calling him since we did it on my show.

    Don’t forget the microphone! hahaha…that was funny.

    Too much to comment on….I’m sure I’ll be getting my AARP information soon. Tim watches Dancing with the Tards…looking forward to Tim being on the Gaze. I don’t think I’ll be keeping up with the Tards…just not my kinda show.

    That was a funny call looking for Larry. hehehe

    Hehehehe….Big Faggy….I heard that from Big John in Virginia…did I hear that right? I missed the whole cell phone thing.

    I LOVED Family Affair…Buffy and Jody…and Mr. French….that was a great show. I recognized it the second it began. My sister had a Mrs. Beasly doll when we were little. Oh, that one brings back memories.

  2. Okay, I didn’t recognise the theme (hey–it was a VERY long time ago!), but every time you asked for a name, including Mrs. Beasley, I was talking back to the computra, so I should get some points for that. I remember those dolls in the toy stores back then (since I was a kid, too, though generally not permitted in the girls’ toys aisle for some reason–maybe they suspected?).

    I’m hoping that I’ve managed to escape junk mail from AARP by moving to the other side of the planet, my true reason for moving here. So far, so good….

  3. hey big fatty i’m only 38 yrs old but i get aarp shit in the mail almost every other day so what do you think about that love you big fatty

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