BFO3323 – Lada Gaga and Jesus

Chrima is here and the Fat One kicks off the season with a recap of hime weekend, a 2020 census plus he forgets to open his Gay Chrima cards. Remember to Vote (or Veto) either today or tomorrow if you haven’t already done so. Happy National Peanut Butter Month!

2 thoughts on “BFO3323 – Lada Gaga and Jesus

  1. All this talk about egg nog. Do you like the Tom & Jerry mix? It apparently goes well in egg nog. I think it’s going to be popular this year. I’ve seen it advertised and talked about online.

  2. Hi Big Fatty.
    This year I attended a Zoom Halloween party. About 100 people chatted and asked questions of host Karl Frisch and special guests Frangela ( comedy duet) and Bob Cesca.
    I dressed up a Gnat Gnome ,GNN (Global Gnome News) reporter. I played my part so well , I won the costume contest along with person dressed as Poison Ivy. It was a lot of fun.
    So Gay Chrima was not a total bomb. I posted a photo on the Twitty and Face Space.
    With love and a laugh,
    Squeeze Squeaky Kitty and Hug Poodle for me. PS my prize was a baseball hat.

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