4 thoughts on “BFO371 – It Was the Dope

  1. Oh, you big fat thing, you.
    Ya gone an’ fucked it up again.
    I guess that’s why they call it “lunacy”.

    But I got 5 or six good laughs out of it, so overall, thumbs up.
    And more people ought to comment on here. -I’m getting lonely, damnit.
    And cold.

  2. Hi ya!

    No, I’m not in a hobo condo. In fact we both got a very big laugh from today. You …………. are …………… BRILLIANT! I love the show and feel so honored to be able to participate in my small way. Keep “hamming it up”!



  3. There were no issues. We came back a day early due to crappy weather.

    That and I was upset that I was NOT touched inappropriately by GuruNudie.

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