BFO370 – Big Fat Blob

The Fat One didn’t do a dadgum thing during the holiday weekend (except go to the Publix for the coupon).  There’s talk today about the upcoming premiere of the Big Brother 11 and several other things to include the nutsy soon-to-be-former Governor of Alaska.  Happy National Fried Chicken Day (if you like chicken…)


4 thoughts on “BFO370 – Big Fat Blob

  1. As a dear friend of mine used to say… “rat shit, bat shit, bullshit crazy!”

    I’m with you, Big Fatty, in wishing that this news cures at least a portion of Tim in Alaska’s pains.


  2. Damn it. I wish I had an iphone that I could sneak into the mud farm. How shall I survive aweek without my daily Fat Show????
    All this just to lose some weight and fight the wrinkles…. I wish I wouldn’t care about all that just like you dear! I miss you already. Bye bye honey xo kb

  3. I’ll have you know I live in a condo, not a townhouse and I’ve done nothing but improve this neighborhood since I moved in.

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