BFO3726 – No Bugs Found

It’s a very special day at the Villa as we celebrate TWO Celebrations of Exiting the Birth Canal. The Fat One finishes telling about his weekend and has not-so-BREAKING news. Happy National Cherry Cobbler Day.

6 thoughts on “BFO3726 – No Bugs Found

  1. Thank you so much. Every year there seems to be less space on the cake for all those candles 🙂
    Happy birthday Poodle 🙂 you are the best xxx

  2. Happy Birthday KB.
    Hope you get that extra special thing we all ask for from our partners on our birthday.

  3. Happy birthday Poodle!
    Okay, I guess it’s now up to Derwood to open a g’bar in Charleston.

  4. Hi Bob 🙂 Thanks dear. The wife made a nice dinner but forgot the cake. Oh dear, the joys of living with old people

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