BFO476 – Out of the Blue

It’s the first day of Chrima month and the Fat One has some nattering and voiceletters to share with you.  Thank to all who voted for the BFO for the GLBT podcast award.


3 thoughts on “BFO476 – Out of the Blue

  1. Oh Big Fatty you were so right! The first three podcasts nearly killed me but now I can’t go through a day without you. I’ve probably lost my mind.

  2. Me too, Ellen 🙂
    Be careful, it will change your language and manners too. Never more a burp without a loud “Ooooh dear Gussie”.
    And you will never look at bacon the same way…

  3. Archer should work @ the mall doing gift wrapping in his spare time! I love the way he wraps the gifts!!! Fancy and tidy & neat.

    Save me a Christmas cards, just in case mine is late.

    Happy Thanksgiving, belated.

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