4 thoughts on “BFO477 – BF Needs a Retread

  1. Hi BF, I listen to 3 gay shows,The BFO,LK Today, and The 2 Fat Lattes. My question is,why do a lot of the other gay podcasters(show # 476 intro for example) PRETEND like they don’t know who you are? Are they jealous?
    Also,I’ve been with a few women in the biblical sense in my time,but Ive never heard any of them hack up a lung like like you do after some sexytime.What’s up wit dat homey?
    FYI- Chrima does not have a page in Wiki, and one can be created(does anybody here have the brains to do this? I can’t)

  2. I would have never have thought to use that as the secret ingredient for the pecans. Kudos for being so original.

  3. I am sorry BF if I said something horrible in my last posting to you..Please forgive me for saying something bad about Auntie V.
    On to cooking…
    That particular dip was made by my ex -wife several years ago., yes I was marred to a woman for 6 years before I finally came out. This is a great recipe, another way of fixing it is, put the cut up cheese in a crock-pot and let it melt on high. Then cook your hamburger as you said, but add some chopped onion in the burger while it is cooking. (If you like onion) Do all the same with the meat as you said to. When the cheese has melted in the crock then add your can or cans of rotell maters, and then your groundy beefy and stir it in with the hot cheese. Now, the crock is good that it will keep it warm for a long time on low. But at after a long time in the crock it has a tendency to get thick you might ad some milk or water just enough to thin it back out. You are absolutely correct it is dam delicious for sure, it is my favorite dip…

  4. Uh, I don’t know how many people nominated the Big Fatty, but I know where you got at least 20 nominations.

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