BFO499 – Podcasting Farewell

Don’t worry, the BFO isn’t going away… I just start the show by saying farewell to all the podcasters that quit in 2009.  Plus I have all the information on the BFO meet and greet in Washington, DC and I share what I got for Chrima before offering up a New Year’s resolution.  Happy National Soup Month!

9 thoughts on “BFO499 – Podcasting Farewell

  1. Oh Big Fatty!! When I read the title of this show I was a little nervous until I read the description. Glad to see nothing has changed for 2010 and the shows will be CRS filled train-wrecks as usual.

    Love you BF. Looking forward to another year of ruination.

    Tara in Michigan

    P.S. When did Ryan Star Cum-Dumpster Jones and Jason start hosting WMBYS?

  2. 1:45
    THAT was a gentleman caller clearing of the throat if I’ve ever heard one.
    R.I.P. – DQ Rick

  3. Oh no! Auntie Vera quit podcasting?
    I guess all the work for her new cookery show “Sauce it up with Vera” consumes all her time 🙁

  4. I have NOT stopped podcasting! I still podcast a few times a week. Get over it already!

    What? We’re Mean Because You’re Stupid is gone???? And who’s Jason on that show? What are you talking about?

    Sorry, I can’t make the meet and greet.

  5. Big Fatty Love in Melbourne Australia
    I’m here,Brian from Boston is here,the love of Big Fatty is here,are there any lurkers around?

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