5 thoughts on “BFO53 -Gazing and Big Brother Combo

  1. Merci beaucoup pour cette crème brûlée des sauterelles 🙂

    Just kidding – fabulous show with an amazingly impressive guest again. ChM has had such an interesting and exciting life! Wow – I am jealous.

    Thanks for a lovely Gaze again, BigFatty!

  2. Who is this Chef Mark? I’ve never heard of him even though he lives a block and a half away!
    Happy tax day, BF! This is a special day, when the Federal Government Criscos their entire forearm and gives it to us all!

  3. Always love The Gaze, BF, and this was no exception. I felt like I learned some new things about Chef Mark, who’s such an interesting person. Thanks!

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