BFO569 – Chocolate Gravy

The Fat One takes it off the tracks and is interrupted by Larry Klye for the set-up of the new TV and TIVO.  Dear Gussie, there are so many failed attempts to get things restarted that even the Fat One is cra-cra.

6 thoughts on “BFO569 – Chocolate Gravy

  1. Gin-funnel at the ready, boss.
    Images dispatched to The Lodge. Vera and DJDavidJ.
    That is all.

  2. I’m forbidden by international laws from distributing MY naked pics…..not since that incident, some years back 🙂

    Oh and chocolate gravy is meant to go with Venison, do you get that at the Dennys?

    I bet the fat cave looks like a furniture showroom, with everything covered in plastic like that!

    (It’s wipe clean you know!)


    Steve the other UhK meat

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