5 thoughts on “BFO570 – Go Bathroom!

  1. Just when you think the opening to the BFO couldn’t get anymore terrifying you kick it up a notch – a tipsy Archerr! 🙂 Hope you are right about The Little Aussie Battler returning, I miss the updates from the Mong-Mongy studio. Have fun with the Renegaydes this weekend.

  2. Agreed with Kim Beaver. Glad to hear that all went well when Mr. Comcast stuck it in!

  3. Hun,
    I am so sorry hear about Rue M. I just found out myself today Sunday. It is so dam sad. Are you going to give tribute show to her?


  4. I can’t believe you told that story about me! How Dare you but whew with the breaking news segment!

    David in Denver – did you mean Dixie Carter? So sad!

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