2 thoughts on “BFO94 – BF Loved Everyone

  1. Miss Kathy can suck it! I love your pictures Big Fatty. That bitch is just jealous (so am I)
    It was cool to participate a little bit from far. Thank you all for all the effort to put things up on the blog for us.

  2. You’re having fun!!!

    Let someone else snap a few today – you have fans too … crickets…

    Seems the perfect time to spank the fat one and clear this up…the above is the email and the point was all the pictures were of everyone BUT big fatty – and I wanted someone else to snap some pictures because I am his fan and wanted to see him too… insert the poopy music here, please.

    And all other persons on the website in my computer – you are all gorgeous and kind and I loved watching as new ones appeared.

    Sorry for the mis-understanding, all.

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