11 thoughts on “BFO989 – Nose Massage

  1. Aww, your gentleman caller really is a gentleman, always nice and caring for the old ladies 🙂
    I am very happy that your nose seems to be still in its place!

  2. May be you should impress your gentlemen callers by fiddling with your nose and picking out staples after stapling your nose. They would be amazed by your magic and ask for the same during their puppetry session.

  3. And careful the staples don’t get into your skin as they could travel down to your mouth with sucking and you would be officially legible for the old vampires club.

  4. By the way congratulations for stopping the announcement duties, less spectators will have the use the psychiatrist’s help for mental healing.

  5. I just came back this evening to download the file to the computra, cut pieces of it and upload the result to the telephonic device: from now on your turkey sound is my notification sound on the hemorrhoid device, I might change the Sponge Bob ending clip tune to this Fatty turkey as the ringtone. Maybe.

  6. Whew! I see I have a replacement.

    Hafta tell ya – around my fatcave I always say that when the bacon bits come thru the door, “well, hello porcupines … ” And they finish with, “I’ve been waiting….”. Been going on for a long time.

    Not sure if you heard but Rickys mama called his little show and by golly I love the idea of Ricky and Lala having a little baby!


    Thanks for making me have a birthday vomick as you discussed your recent puppet show experience.


    Thanks for the birthday wishes. Once again we see that lack of show content directly correlates to how many LLLLLLLL sounds Big Fatty puts into my name. (:

    Love ya mean it!!!

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