3 thoughts on “BFO994 – Slapstick Vulgarity

  1. @11:32 – “the shelter said to that JEW were”- WTF?
    Lifted right out of my Annie Hall dinner scene !!

  2. Not happy uintil there are ten comments to a show. So, I live under a rock. The coolest thing I have I don’t know how to work yet I manage this blackberry to find this box I can post a ridiculous comment which often has spelling errors because 1 the print is small and 2. The words run off the screen, out of the box and outside your webpage but I still manage. Why you aks? Why not I ask? Lurking day is approaching so fast. December is next to nothing but the nesessaary month – taking 30 hours off, not working overtime. Getting nervouse

    Big Fatty, do you knit or crochet?

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