BFO994 – Slapstick Vulgarity

The Fat One gives a full report about his visit to El Dentisto (Mexican for El Dentisto) plus catches up on some items he forgot about the weekend.  Don’t forget to which White Boy from Live It Up! a happy National Cashew Day.

3 thoughts on “BFO994 – Slapstick Vulgarity

  1. @11:32 – “the shelter said to that JEW were”- WTF?
    Lifted right out of my Annie Hall dinner scene !!

  2. Not happy uintil there are ten comments to a show. So, I live under a rock. The coolest thing I have I don’t know how to work yet I manage this blackberry to find this box I can post a ridiculous comment which often has spelling errors because 1 the print is small and 2. The words run off the screen, out of the box and outside your webpage but I still manage. Why you aks? Why not I ask? Lurking day is approaching so fast. December is next to nothing but the nesessaary month – taking 30 hours off, not working overtime. Getting nervouse

    Big Fatty, do you knit or crochet?

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