BFO999 – Fingerprint Testing

The Fat One natters about the coupon, open Chrima cards and takes a couple of calls from a Mexican.  Happy Tue, I say Chewsday.

6 thoughts on “BFO999 – Fingerprint Testing

  1. My housemate from 3 years ago was a ranga from Burnley in the UK. We were intimate in the biblical sense 2-1/2 times. Two and a HALF times!
    I’m not trying to be a topper….but this woman made Kathy Bacon look like a Supreme Court Judge.
    Great to hear from Nought finally. Now..where did that imaginary domestic str8 boyfriend fade off to? Huh?

  2. You do not even realize how fortunate I think I am when the callers ask for their messages to not be played on the show! I love it! Made my eye water a bit!

    HOW DARE you reference the BSC to states close to South Dakota! That was funny!

    Just one more full day!

    The way Naught said the ‘P’ word sounded a lIttle bit like Nessas Derek. ;-).

    Use that Peanut butter with regular peanut butter & bake something for the coal mine?

    Maybe the Mystery person just wants to remain a mystery. Refer to your lecture to Paul Armstrong 6f4 from Dec. ’09. (Guessing on that date). Love ya BF!

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