BFO959 – Smell of Stench

The Fat one finishes the weekend recap, plays some voiceletters and has a little bit of serious discussion on today’s Little Show.  Just for today, here’s one of the last pictures of the Fat nose.  Womp Womp.


  1. Poor BigRicky, our thoughts are with you.

  2. $10 a kilo for bananas is down from @ $16
    Greek style potato recipe: Grease them from behind of course

  3. Such a lovely tribute to Big Licky’s step-pappy. I always knew you had a heart.

  4. You need some sun glasses and are you putting on your sunscreen???

  5. How dare he!! I want a fat brownie and frog filled pancake! Take me to Texas!! Bjorn & I are neighbors, he periodically. – and that has nothing to do with a monthly cycle – hahahaha that’s gross! Anyway, he goes to Fargo, ND and that is just 200 miles from me. Can you guess which direction??

  6. Seriously – I cannot wait until it gets too cold out for people to go out – if you keep on this VONZ thing – I cannot believe that no one has called you to tell you what a GREAT impression you do of The Fonz. Henry Winkler would be proud. Sorry BigFatty – I got your back on most things – but …. you tube and practice, just saying.

    Oh, maybe you know a voice ac…..oh, nothing, forget it.

  7. Oooooh, was that some Walnutian snark surfacing from the past? LOL – we missed that, Anonymous Aunt!