BFO1063 – Turkey Chili Omelet

The Fat One brings you up-to-date on day 1 without the carbs and sweets. Plus there is a reminder about the BFO App and some voiceletters. Happy National Banana Bread Day.


  1. Poor Big fatty, no bread? Did you look at the ‘potato’ breads or wraps compared to a loaf of bread? All the kids are eating them instead of regular bread. Except me of course, I am having some 12 grain bread that Is so delicious when perfectly cooked! Its the kkind where the sunflower seeds fall off it! Drooling! I eat it dry out of the toaster! Gotta cut some fat somewhere!

    Have a great day, going to make banana bread tonight!

  2. You talked already in detail about the app not available in the apple store. Repeated content.

  3. When you say having a giant solid, are you referring to poop?

  4. I used to bake my own bread in s expensive machine to save money but tasted like birkenstock 🙁 what a waste. Would you like to bake your own fat free bread? I could give you a discount 🙂

  5. Speaking of discounts Ms KB, does the US Government (IRS) own you now?

  6. I paid my debt. I had to send them form UW2 plus the cash. Uncle Sam shall not starve.