BFO1231 – Can I Come Spend the Weekend?

The Fat One finishes telling about the weekend before giving a chicken soup recipe and recommending a TV show. Plus we lear the reason there was no LITTLE show from Walnut Hills last Friday. Happy National Seafood Month.


  1. Mocking the obese? Really?

  2. Honey Boo Boo is totally worth watching. Especially for the gas!

  3. Being gay is awesome.
    A dude rings and says he can fit in a half hour,no worries. And I thought popping a Hungry Man TV Dinner in the oven as a kid was quick, convenient, and yummy.
    Ladies…are you listening?????

  4. Happy World Bread Day all you carb counters,moderation!!!!

  5. Forgot to congratulate for the gentlemen callers famine end!!! It was about time.

  6. I did not listen to this show before the other one –

    Big Farty – would you like me to start a little game with you on the WWF’s???? It’s been three days – we are on a dry spell ourselves.

    You are just at the South Park part –