What Really Happened?

Big Fatty Peron 2

The Charleston City Paper ran a list of other excuses Governor Mark Sanford could have used rather than Appalachian Trail hiking….  Here are the paper’s guesses:

• Sleeping with singing sensation and fellow emotional wreck Susan Boyle.

• John and Kate Plues Eight Plus Mark Minus Jenny and Those Boys.

• Could not suffer through awkwardly deciphering one more handmade Father’s Day card.

•Just doing what Tom Cruise and the ghost of L. Ron Hubbard told him to do.
• Following Phish.
• Attening a public speaking forum, left before the very important last session Wednesday morning.  You know what happened next.
• Hired a professional for a few hours to explain the tea-bag euphemism firsthand.  Took longer than expected.
(Thanks to the Seahag for the artwork.)

2 thoughts on “What Really Happened?

  1. My guess would have been: “Just hanging out in the sling with Big Fatty.”

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