6 thoughts on “BFO369 – Fuddy Duddy

  1. 8. Your date convergence won’t happen to me or Scotty until August 7 (because our date are the other way around—day, month, year)

    9. Hugh Jackman is one of the better things about Australia (apart from Scotty, of course).

  2. 10. I don’t know what to say but I wanted to add something,too before I leave for Denmark 🙂

    11. Love you all guys – xo kb

  3. 12. I own the fact that I am geographically stupid…Winner is South of Aberdeen!!

  4. Yes Carl Jr.’s we have a ton of these in the Denver area. But I am also know Hardee’s as well. We had them in my home town of Fremont, NE. I used to love the biscuts and jelly.

    There is sort of chain in Oklahoma area something starts with the letter “B” but they are good for breakfast as well, it is a fast food type of establishment.

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