8 thoughts on “BFO1010 – Leaky Plumbing

  1. Oh dear. This happens when lesbians try to buy condoms. It was meant to be as refill for
    the new kitty condom case. The size was estimated on basis of all the rumors I heard.
    And I had a coupon. Enjoy!

  2. Have you ever seen a picture of this beautiful man SK? He’s caucasian, not Japanese.
    Not much of a chance I pissed off Yoshi, have’nt heard from him in a bit.

  3. I might be one of the few who has never actually seen a picture of BF’s best friend – but I agree, if it is as beautiful as the rest it must be wonderful.
    Btw, I always thought that skill was more important than size. Maybe it is different with the gays.
    Thank bacon I am a lesbian!

  4. Wow…if theissanta only had that one pipe of his that had a major leaky problem, I sure would not mind helping him fix that or clean up after him…LOL

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