6 thoughts on “BFO1011 – Pep In Your Step

  1. One full body massage coming up! Sorry, make that 2.(one for your mrs. as well)

  2. Big Fatty,

    Thanks for mentioning me on the show. I am not sure if you gave credit to the person that sent the Crima card.

    Enjoy your time with the hats.

    Gary in Abq in Phoenix.

  3. Well of course I haven’t listened to the show, yet.

    Do you know that DrumMajorKev is the Cupcake Queen? Is that ok to say? Well, like, do you know last year it was his specialty. He makes cupcakes for the bowling league. See, they get the frosting on their fingers and then they can’t hang onto their ball … Although his average would probablY show he too is eating the cupcakes.


  4. I listen to about 3 podcast so I’m not the expert.
    My question is: would there be another podcaster out there that wishes Happy Birthday to everybody connected to his/her show like Big Fatty does? My guess would be not really.
    Well done BF

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