3 thoughts on “BFO1068 – Voo Doo, Who Do?

  1. Missed it by THAT much.
    Brian from Boston just landed in the Australias yesterday. He’s not in Melbourne yet, but we”ll give you a drunkie call when we meet up.
    Along with DJDJ, I miss those funny drunkie calls from your friends having a fun night out.

  2. Now HOW dare you say I’m late! I still have my regular menstruation, I eat my fiber regularly, not like you!
    I called on Tuesday cause I thought you would be playing it on Wednesday. But seams like it was ruination all the way.

  3. When I hear the word Elephant I used to think of myself until I read the book, Water for Elephants. Now I look at them and Circus people completely differently.

    Dear gussie! I go to the eye doc tomorrow – hope to be able to see afyter that! Dang eyes are getting old or maybe the fact that I got these contacts in June ’09 is the problem. Iu take care of everyone else first …

    What did I come here to say?

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