10 thoughts on “BFO1069 – Get In The Will!

  1. Haaaa!! I’ve got mine!!!
    Hot tip peoples…..get in quick for the Take That collection.

  2. I could not be more pleased to share my birthday with stevie. How lucky are we….now where the HELL (showing my disappointment) is that unsubsscribe button? Not sure who your little helper is but obviously they are not my biggest fan. Hence the reason I can trade my birthday because it is so close…….okay, unsubscribe – 3/3/69 is my day.

  3. p.S. – the weight loss is from the shingles not your great diet, research that my ex-favorite person in the world.

  4. Okay, I am over it – have a Great day – love me, always. Don’t you dare announce my birthday on Monday – its too late, it is TOO late!!!

  5. Dear Assistant

    Please add my birthday to the list of exiting anniversariums.

    Lamar just said Funky & it sounded like he said the ‘F’ word.

    He just reviewed Vorax & I am going tomorrow. Yay!

  6. Hey Mr Bob, I would not celebrate yet. Someone might challenge that will. BF was clearly out of his mind when he made that promise. Sorry Bob, not a winner.

  7. I love that, “Sorry Bob, not a winner”.

    I am at the eye appt early & have a case of the sleepies.

  8. I don’t think my date is on the assistant’s list either, but it was probably removed after the card I sent him. Now, Big Fatty, feel better and enjoy some of the weekend! Aren’t there other people you should be showing that fatness to other than the Vons? 😉

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