10 thoughts on “BFO1075 – I Don’t Remember

  1. He he..the party was today at Brian’s(it’s a holiday) and I had to decline as I know I would not make it to work tomorrow.We went on a very nice bike ride yestreday to The Moomba Festival on a very beautiful sunny day.If the party was yesterday, the call would have been made for sure.
    Next year..

  2. Hah! I did not get my picture loaded! Got busy doing the college kids taxes so I could get a signature!! I will do mine right after work! What the people don’t know is they get to vote and pick & choose – need to give it a couple days and call in with more instructions. This is an inter active game! And I don’t want you to have to do any of the work so I will do that soon & let you know when I do!


  3. Did you get my contribution Kathy? Please repost your email address again – here on the bfo comment section, it will do

  4. I was so busy today – I did not get a chance to get back in here – I received the Kim Beavers entry – clearly the contest needs to be explained (again).

    Loved it so much!!

  5. Have you all noticed that every device I use has a different Name for myself? I am such a dork!!

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