3 thoughts on “BFO1076 – Bathing With HatM

  1. Just listening to the little show right now and um…… we could have traded old jeans – haha!! I cannot imagine you being a 36 – really?

    I am saddened that Kim wants to withdraw from the contest.

    Okay – you are talking about HatM. Did you see today he got to present in English today at work, did you even know he could speak English? I mentioned to Veritable that after he did so well on his presentation that we should get credit for helping him with his Mexican.

    I am so sleepy – getting a sore throat – it is the Change of the Season sickness.

    Are you playing Draw Something? I am too if you want to play –

    I was going to say something else –

    I hope people play the little game – DEAR GUSSIE HE MENTIONED ME IN HIS DREAM!!!!!! I wonder if Hatm likes me? Probably not. Oh, well.

    I need to pen the contest rules – it was kind of why I wanted to talk to you – you are the game show host – I am just the prize giver.

    The contest is going to take a couple months – unless no one participates.

    Oh, you are going to the contest now – UGH!! lets see……

    So, next weekend for the two weeks before easter the pictures have to be easter related-ish.

    OH!!!! YAY!! Gu Ru –

    Oh, you are pimping out the game – I love you now. HAHA – I can put my Noose away now – HAha – Oh, I do not feel well.

    Good Night – or going to rest and play WWF’s and stuff.

    Oh! Is this HatM Reindeer card there?? Love it!!
    So wish I would have listened earlier – I just did not feel well at all today and I was in charge of little miss this morning.


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