BFO1077 – The “Albert”ross

The Fat One takes it off the tracks VERY early but still manages to fill the 20 minutes with nattering. Make sure you submit your photos for the contest at Spotting Big Fatty. Happy Hump Day.

2 thoughts on “BFO1077 – The “Albert”ross

  1. Oh snap!
    Could the F Driver please get in contact with me so I can ask him tonights lottery number? I’ve been to the coalmine….either he has been too, or he is pyschotic.(I mean psychic)

  2. Please tell the listeners if they don’t know how to stamp you on their picture just send it and put that in the notes, where they want the head to be – I just hope the owner of Spotting Big Fatty doesn’t hate me for doing this. Hahaha. Hi-jacked is my response!

    Have a great day.

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