4 thoughts on “BFO108 – Happy Canada

  1. I heard Archerr’s rant, but all this time I thought “Big Fatty” was code for something else. Who knew?

    You were right (of course): I had no idea what the theme music was, and I never heard of that show. But there’s one more thing I can say about today’s episode: Great minds think alike. Sort of.

  2. For someone who doesn’t know how to use your computras – I thought playing Archer’s
    rant was so funny but I really doubt it was you since he talked about you on the next show
    by name!

    The music for the show sounds so tragic so glad I missed it!

    Just like Archer be careful what you say – people will get poopy!

  3. Oh no! You figured it out! Yes, I was talking about you of course. And I’m not going to listen to you any more. hahaha Great bit, loved it!

    Hank? I have NEVER heard of that show before, so of course I had no idea what the music was.

    Love the fart month…I’ll join in on that celebration. hahaha

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