6 thoughts on “BFO111 – California Here I Come!

  1. Thank Goodness – I thought you forgot to post today 🙂 Have a safe trip and I am sure
    it’ll be a blast!

    I love your show art for today. The little BigFattys going West already ready with his mouth open – wonderful.


  2. Dean Superman Cain was so so hot!!! Isn’t he half Japanese? That gives him those amazingly hot
    and exotic looks!
    Btw, I quite like your picture(s). Esp the horny one. The faun is not only mythological but
    devine as well – how sweet is that. Although with all those grapes I would have expected
    little Archerr on that picture of kb

  3. Lois & Clark was “must see TV” for us. Dean was the cutest Superman. Loved him in “Broken Hearts Club,” too. He played a very convincing gay guy, I thought.

  4. I hope you arrived safely! I’m sure you’ll have a great time.

    While I did watch several episodes of Lois & Clark, I did not recognize the music. Dean Cain was SO hot in that show. He’s aged a bit but I’d still do him. hahaha

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