2 thoughts on “BFO1166 – What Else is New?

  1. Dear BF – Please read this on the little show for Wednesday (for content and clarification)….I am equally concerned about you – because I also said in my voice message the .31 check is for the Dead or Alive + on the DI show contest to be added to the $21 I sent you last year – I mailed the check from the Credit Card Company when I sent Daniel Biebers birthday card and the $2 for his Tech song. So, we both %$#%%# it up. HAHA
    Oh, Lord, Thank you for not telling anyone I thought Thanksgiving came before October First. I am – Wait, Don’t play the rest of this on the show…..

  2. You can count on me Big Fatty! Will there be a live BFO @ PPOnlinedotcom? Maybe a live LFC if Vader is there…

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