BFO1184 – A Pile of Loot

It’s the Fat One’s Celebration of Exiting the Birth Canal today and he only BEGINS to open the cards and packages today… more to come next week. A photo of the cards and giftettes will be posted around lunchtime today. Thanks to everyone who made #56 very special (don’t forget to post over at Spotting Big Fatty too!)

6 thoughts on “BFO1184 – A Pile of Loot

  1. Happy Birthday champion.
    Hope you get that “special” birthday present from your MRGC. Oh wait…I forgot. It’s us guys that like the beaver that have to wait once a year for the extra “special” birthday gift.
    XO Hope you have a fun day.

  2. There better be cake. I have been waiting for this one for months! Have a great day. (Of course I haven’t listened yet, Bob & Sheri isn’t over until 9!).

  3. Well! If there is an award for Best Visual veritable Virgo wins that! I almost think your mom might have blushed a little. Oh! Maybe she sharted since she is your mama!

  4. oh dear, so behind on the intertubes…I think I’ll forgo calling given the pileup…have a happy birthday, hope you don’t shat your pants and grindr or that mysterious board date sends you horror more plentiful than a pig’s worth of bacon! Best wishes!

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