3 thoughts on “BFO1183 – Cunning Stunts

  1. Considering all the fiber you take and I can attest to the quick stir to the left and right and cug and refill and wah down because I have seen it, the little show is backed up big fatty. Voice letters from the first. Wow you sure are having a busy month and it’s soon to be a third over already. Well, I am astounded at how little people actually shat themselves. I thought our goal was to do it once a day. I am sure going to cut back on my own. Fiber. Dear gussie. What was that call about, that hatm has done gone off the tracks. Speaking of tracks little miss bacon and her bacon consummating mama have been walking at five am in the morning. The beaver box shouldbe there tomorrow according to the postal lady and I love the phone ring. Seems I heard that before, was it on Leave it to Beaver. Do you think kim knows the beave and Wally. Have you heard of any ship sinkings or pirate hostage takeovers? Ih lord.

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