3 thoughts on “BFO1250 – Rapunzel Suite

  1. Can somebody get a transcript of this little show?
    I could swear BF said he was too tired for a gentleman caller.

  2. Sounds like a lovely vader bonding time trip.

    Johns laugh, oh my! Love it! Love it! Love it, It’s hilarious that he laughed so hard about not listening to the best show there ever was. Seriously, I was sweeping the floor and sweeping away tears listening to him laugh like that.

    It’s how I spend my holidays. Laboring over the hacienda.

    Have a good one. Thanks for poking and pinching vader for me. Can’t wait to do it in person.

  3. By letting down your golden hair do you mean let down your gigantic balls to get gripped or that you had an urinating moment?

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