BFO1251 – Back On Track

The Fat One natters a little before taking alot of the voiceletters he’s recently received which includes an Ask Big Fatty Question and a big surprise. Please there’s ALMOST time to squeeze in a Spotting Big Fatty segment. Happy National Indian Pudding Day.

7 thoughts on “BFO1251 – Back On Track

  1. Pipi off

    If my message was played first then its evidence the calls are played out of order.


    Please or plus in the show notes farty pants.

    Loves ya. In case you don’t know that crazy Mexican would love to have a register of gentlemen callers. Seriously.

    I wanted Smellie top to win – but I guess he’s gotta call right.

  2. Google: define PIPI

    HatM sent me a message. Sometimes he uses his Mexican tongue so o thought if it is not a misspelling it must be his word. Well. I think he really meant MINI and not PIPI because the definition of PIPI did not fit in the sentence; however, another meaning has to do with being a home pooper so its all good.

    Dear gussie – glad that is an audio bug and not a webcam in the surface of the sun fat cave.

  3. no – kjslsco – they were not out of order, I begged HatM to do that call about PIPI – the other one, uh, well, I rarely swear in print but I will say I have no idea what the he-double hockey sticks that was all about – he is B.S.Cier than me!!!!!

  4. P.S. KJSLSCO, I usually comment before I listen and I always read the show notes – lets just say that Bob and Sheri are unusually boring in the morning – sometimes – if I don’t listen at home – I will listen to Big Fatty instead of Bob and Sheri – I base whether or not I am going to on the show notes and if anyone commented – usually my three favorite commenters, Hattie, Kimmie and Straightie, Bob that is….

    Do not tell Big Fatty I said that though – but it’s true. Why don’t you call the listener line?????? C’mon!!

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