5 thoughts on “BFO1252 – Hip Notist

  1. A moustache here is called a mo for short. November is called Movember as people grow them(mostly for charity)
    Might be fitting for the current audience here.

  2. I kid you not I just freakin put BigFatty.com. First time ever. Seriously.

    Daniel is so easy to listen to. Even when I have no idea what he is talking about.

    I wonder what my IQ is?

    Just now listening and that friend of mine who takes nattering to a whole new level just called me.

  3. Dear Gussie. This was a great show. That Beverly chatted my ear off until ten minutes to ten! I nearly had to hang up on her.

    And then to find out later I am a winner!!!!

    Winner-winner CHICKEN dinner. Why does that chicken sound so catty to me? Hmmm…

    I love Guru! He is even more Hipster than he was before.

  4. Str8 Bob – all the cool kids are doing it. And by cool kids I mean college guys. There may be pictures on November. 30!!

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