6 thoughts on “BFO1262 – Varmit, not Vomit

  1. Dear Gussie – I have more hair on my legs than he has on his lip – seriously – I declare me the winner!!!

    Garrett’s friend is coming over Friday night so we can take comparison pictures – haha –

    You are going to die when you see ’em!!!!

  2. Dear gussie – I did not know I was on this one and now I have to run to supper so I will not be able to thoroughly listen until later or tomorrow –

    Today was a horrific day at work – worse ever – know this has picked me half way back up!!!

    Thanks BF!!

    Oh, and off to buy my lotto tickets.

  3. Does timmy even know he made it on your opening –

    He is so funny – it was not Words with Friends – it was Draw Something –

    Dear Gussie – supper was good –

    I think HatM copied his comments in an email to me – I will have to ask Hattie if he listened to todays little show.

    You will be happy to know that I have already lost count of the calls since I was duped a winner – I was really going to count – shucks!!

    YAY Chrima card time – I am doing mine this weekend –

    okay – good bye then – and open mine nearly last when you get it – crap – I have to wait for the giftette to arrive first.

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