5 thoughts on “BFO1268 – Wish List or Testicular Exam?

  1. Yes BF, we need to know what ornament you put onto your tree! And we need pictures of it. On second thought, no, we don’t need pictures of that, but I always wanted to know if you have some kind of ornament for your tree like that Chrimma Boy Wes. Don’t tell Poodle however, she has enough to stomach already 🙂

  2. Hey BF, you obviously posted the links to two wish lists here (nothing for me on them though 😉 )

  3. I have a Samsung phone and I just hit a microphone and said find big fatty online and son of a gun it did it. Just like that. It looked like morris code of Braille or something but it did it. I’ll be. That must be mute Siri.

    Listened to chrima music today. Think we should do a duet. You be the girl part. I will be the boy part. Switch it up you know.

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