4 thoughts on “BFO1398 – FatterNest

  1. Still here sweetie 🙂 I am cleaning and renovating my little house. Oh my, I am a hoarder.
    I am throwing out old stuff for three days now – and it still looks the same

  2. I cleaned the storage last year and had a sale. I came up withh and hauled out three loads if garbage before the sale and after took a half a truck load to the Salvation Army.

    Never again…

    I worked for three years all that overtime (1900 hours) and Mister Smelly turned the house into a hoarder house. I have one room yet and that is my June 14-17 job!

    Maybe the Lodge could host a picture of your before …. Or something. I keep coming to the lodge and Hat scares me


    Speaking of Hat – did you see how dang skinny he is? He is my goal weight.

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