8 thoughts on “BFO1399 – Cake & Larken

  1. if Larken comes to Vegas I will buy two sheet cakes…….and plates and napkins.

  2. This is a cryptic message –

    the package may or may not exceed the limit but I am going to put my own price on the package of $49.50

    Now Stop Asking – I sent you a picture of how much the two shirts cost.

    You know what the fat one says, JUST SAY THANKS AND ENJOY – Heck yes they are over priced – but so what …..


  3. Little Miss just asked for some Applesauce – I said just wait – and then showed her it is Applesauce Cake Day Today.

  4. “Teefies!” LOL that’s some real southern talk! Lol
    I hope your visit with “el dentisto” goes well. I hate dentist visits… I still go though. I have one coning up. $$$ meh!

  5. “Teefies”! LOL That is some serious southern shit. I have only heard people from GA and MS say that. I dread my dentist visits too. I have one coming up. MEH!

  6. What a coincidence. Two R.C.’S AND they both have dentist appointments.

    See! I stalk the comments sections!

  7. I hate it when my mobile device and PC do this to me^^ why can’t shit just update at the same time. I was thinking that my post via my mobile device wasn’t posted. #poorRC #technology #worthsaying twice #BACON

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