BFO1420 – 3-Way

The Fat One is heading back to the Fat Cave after a week in Northern Mexico. It’s a music-filled show (a gift for the Fey Driver) with voiceletters, gentlemen caller’s and Spotting Big Fatty. Make sure YOU spot Big Fatty in Northern Mexico or at the Driver/Anderson wedding on Saturday. Happy weekend.


4 thoughts on “BFO1420 – 3-Way

  1. “Me, the cute bar tender and 6 lesbians” sounds like a starting of a VULGAH joke, wondering if somebody is going to finish it, maybe Paul can write a funny line.

  2. If I understood well from yesterday’s show, you went to the local club and had some gentlemen callers, mathematically you had all the ones that were on the Adam to Adam app 🙂

  3. Hatm was thinking what I was. Six lesbians and big fatty eating pie together. Beavers, consumee, gentlemen callers, 3-ways…Norther Mexico is a vulgar influence on you big fatty! 😉

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