BFO1438 – Napping Dog

The Fat One has a jam-packed LITTLE show for the last day of July. We get into the way-back machine and return to 2012 before visiting Spotting Big Fatty and taking some voice letters. And then we close out with a very heart-felt e-letter. Happy Hump Day!


6 thoughts on “BFO1438 – Napping Dog

  1. First of all, I loved Kyle’s storm preparation call 🙂 His sore tongue problem is a common one.
    Sometimes the tongue web, the lingual frenulum, is a bit too short (completey not related to other external appendices) causing ankyloglossia, an impediment in tongue movement or as in Kyle’s case a soreness of the sublingual tissue and the frenulum itself by your teeth when extended too far.
    A frenectomy can be done in such cases. You can mobilize the tongue by making a little harmless cut. If your surgeon uses a laser it won’t even bleed. The only thing that might hurt a bit is the bill after the procedure. You ought to gain several millimeters in forward extendability and you won’t hurt yourself with your teeth anymore. An alternative treatment could be to have your lower front teeth polished and smoothened a little bit. Sometimes the edges of the enamel are very sharp due to teeth grinding or bruxism.
    Of course I got my license at the DR PYTHAGORAS E.P. STONE online university – for only 23$ – so maybe you should ask your dentist about this. I am sure he will want to know all about how your tongue gets sore so much 🙂 Or do it like we lesbians do and use dental dam, they have it in all colours and tastes 🙂

  2. I loved RT’s call – I agree, our little community is not only fun, but incredibly important. So I would like to thank you all too for all the work and effort, for creating this little space, for giving us the feeling to be a part of something great and beautiful – gosh this sounds like a Walnut Hill special – people like you BF, Vera and all the other talents out there, be they Mexican madhaters, lurkers, semi-lurkers or BSC telefon marathon callers – you are the best. Thank you all!

  3. Intrigue? I’m pretty sure anyone who heard this is an accessory to the dog napping!

  4. Well said RT. Thanks for reading it to us BF.
    I found the BFO when I was at a really shit point in my life,(not that I’m living the dream by any means now) and I don’t believe I’ve missed a show.
    Some may even know that I visited BF a few years ago, I was jumping out my skin I was so excited.
    I would never even try to label what this is all about, or why we are all here, all I know is that is here, and I’ll be sad when it eventually has to end.
    I know I made a great friend, same as all of you have I’m sure (wherever you are). It’s our little world, a place to go and just be…
    Thanks Big Fatty, for all the time you take to be with us.
    (now..if only we could Larry Klye to get back on…smart/funny/ and a bit cheeky)

  5. Hi BF,
    a desperate beaver just called and asked for help. She tried to post a comment for little Kyle, but she failed.
    Would you be a sweetheart and post this for her. She won’t stop nagging otherwise. Thanks love

    The cousin twice removed

    (The same post as shown above was included)

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