5 thoughts on “BFO15 – Full Moon Craziness

  1. You were groping for the term for one of those guys whose mouths move and eyes bug out when you stick your fist up their ass: Construction Worker Bil….er, I mean a Ventriloquist’s Dummy?

  2. I used to watch “Soap”, of course, until Burt had the issues with aliens or whatever they were. Okay, so before I was worried that I’ve known all the themes before you say what they are. NOW I’m worried that I’m thinking about something on the TV show you’re talking about, just before you say it, like about Benson. Full moon or something else? The convergence is frightening.

  3. Oh shit, I recognized one of Big Fatty’s prehistoric memory lanes – I LOVED Soap, it was just hilarious!
    Ok, I may pretend to be in my late 20ies like British John and I to be honest people easily believe this when they see me, but to tell the truth, I am already 35 and do remember things.
    I was so happy to hear that BF still has hormones when the moon is full, this is wonderful and yes I have crazy neighbors who practise the tuba all night and eat only and without exception fried rice.
    Whom did you give the finger BF to get into itunes? Congratulations dear!

  4. Fatty,

    You were asking how Marlee Matlin will be able to compete on Dancing With the Stars when she can’t hear. Even if she can’t hear, she could still feel the vibrations from the music, and it’s likely the music will be arranged to have a more prominent “time” beat so that she will be able to “feel” the time.

    The other way will be an even greater reliance on the physical cues her lead will use to signal when they are going to do a turn, dip, or other move. For instance, to signal a turn, the lead will raise his left hand which is holding her right hand. At the same time, he will use his right hand to gently push on her waist as if he were actually trying to spin her. If done correctly, these signals are largely invisible, so she should be able to do at least as well as her other competitors.

  5. I officially unsubscribed in the shit sammy called iTurds. YOU’RE FAT! MEHHH…

    I also wanted to tell you that this weekend, at the local drag bar, I saw someone decked out in leather (which is rare for a small town area like this, he was the only one in the bar dressed like that) and was wearing a leather sash that said MICHIGAN LEATHER BOY (Michigan is very close to the South Bends Indianas). He also had a big patch on the back of his leather vest that said Carolina Leather Club, and I thought of you! I wonder if he has a sling..

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