7 thoughts on “BFO1550 – Abbreviated Week

  1. New year new rules!! Live it up fatty!! We love voice letters that aren’t from bacon.

    Speaking of bacon I had two strips of bacon for breakfast and some baby carrots and a mini loaf of freshly baked banana bread. I am going to focus on NO Carbs this year. They exhaust me, really.

    Its very cold here.

  2. Oh. I take that back. It is ten above. But the wind chill is seventeen below.

    Yesterday the temps crept up two degrees at a time over seven hours time. Well – as I was checking.

    Well – back to reports. Have a GREAT weekend.

    Tomorrow I will be finishing Breaking Bad.

    Oh! If you want to join the 30 day Ab challenge this month its BUTT challenge.

  3. Dang it. So – it was -27 when I came to work yesterday. By the time I left it was -13. There was no wind.

    The bacon scarf is wonderful. I wear it at work all day. Its cold in this office. One wall is the south side of the building. The concrete is probably what? 2 feet thick?!

  4. Squealer kim is making me LOL.

    So. My hiatus is rough.

    Watching breaking bad. Dang. It’s so good. The last 8 episodes. I am on the fourth. I can’t stop.

  5. Tunblr sends congratulatory emails when you post your fifth and tenth posts.

    Well. We trade one addiction for another. The american way.

    Have a great weekend Tooter. Hello poodles.

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