7 thoughts on “BFO1556 – Scarlet Carpet

  1. It was great fun and my pleasure to meet you all at Gavin’s little show 🙂 I saved all those pictures!

  2. Brother can ypu spare a dime?

    Going to have to have a bake sale with my left over cookies. Paying out $12000 for christmas and kids college doesnt leave much cushion money. Zoiks. All the bank accounts are dry. Never been poorer. The big bonus is in limbo – may not even be one.. paid $2148.50 for car insurance

    Oh well …. I can give them my kohls gift card my mom gave me- or maybe iI could be an indian giver and ask for your chrima gift back to give to the winner. Maybe hat can send that USD back if he can’t use it in mexico.


  3. I refused to pay $113 for garretts school to process a credit card payment and I refuse to enter my debit card into any website and Derek just sent me a message that he choose credit when he paid his tuition with his debit card and that effin company took $150 of his money and he owns an additional $51.


    Not kidding. Broke and now pissed.


  4. Let me note that the
    Uitionnisnt even due until the 23rd. I could have easily sent a check to Dereks college. For the cost of a stamp.

    Swear to God ….

  5. It is not necessary to give money as a prize, Kathy – why don’t you knit something nice or paint. I know you can paint very well. I hope you overcome the financial drought soon – we have all been there, except BigFatty of course who is a 1%ter 🙂 and rich because he makes you pay for all his quiz prizes :))))

  6. Hahah. Oh my. KB made me laugh. And I just know if I was gassy it would have been a Tooter giggle.

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