3 thoughts on “BFO1761 – Go to the Kiosk

  1. Are sure squeaky kitty is kidnapped? Maybe squeaky away giving birth to litter of squeaky kitties. Or at least entertaining some other squeaky kitties?

  2. I. Am. Getting. A. Zit.

    I. Had. To. Tell. Someone.

    Dang. It.

    Ain’t. Got. No. Time. For. That.

  3. It’s. The. Pain. You. Get. When. It. Is. Developing.
    I swear just talking about it made it go away.

    It’s like that bit of you that you don’t know exists on any given
    Day and then all of a sudden you’re bumping it with everything.

    Now – for over a week I have had a very tender spot on my
    Left elbow. I swear on my life I’m dying.

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