7 thoughts on “BFO1839 – Cut a Rug

  1. Yes, Kathy – two times Nr 3 fan of the BFO – that is really something to be jealous about…

    To be honest, I had to send three dozens of premier tuna cans to get that fixed

  2. Greatest KB on the planet – being number 5 is nothing to write home about!

    Now let’s talk about this tuna. Did you open the cans a smidge before you sent them?

    What stinks more than ten day old tuna? Ugh. I so don’t miss living at home with a mother who keeps every scrap of leftovers that sat in the fridge and molded over so much they were not identifiable but stank to high heaven.

    I love you and your arm so much.

  3. The most beautiful KB says the nicest things – you know that you have a Number One fan too?

    KB <3 KB

  4. Awww. This made my eyes water and my nostrils do that thing when you’re about to cry.

    That’s the sweetest thing ever. Thank you.

    Awww. Fatty pants fart – thank you for bringing us together.

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