BFO3393 – And the 2021 Number One Fan is…

It’s halftime of the Superb Owl and that means it’s time for BF to give comments about the big game, finish reading all of the #1 fan entries, introduce the Cavalcade of Winners, and announce to #3, #2 and #1 fans of the BFO for 2021. Regular LITTLE show on Monday!

BFO2881 – Flip Flop

The Fat One had a busy day which he tells you all about prior to playing several voiceletters (all of which came in during February). Happy National Italian Food Day!

BFO2615 – Start of Year 11

It’s halftime of the Superb Owl and time to announce the #1, #2 and #3 fans of the BFO for 2018 but first some nattering about the Big Game and the commercials, the reading of the last-minute entries into the #1 fan contest and the 2017 #1 fan’s step-down speech.
A regular LITTLE show tomorrow.

BFO1839 – Cut a Rug

The Fat One starts off dealing with a hairball but finishes with the recap of the weekend. Happy Cream Cheese Brownie Day.